Who Am I?

I am a 400 pound dancer of life who has struggled through endless addictions and struggles. Who comes to you having travelled homelessness and drug addiction, while at the same time journeying in a search for God that has taken me through many different gates: Buddhism, Christianity, Rastafarianism, Confusionism, Taoism, and on and on the list goes.

This incredible journey of spiritual discovery was launched when I was asked, at the tender age of 15,  to not return to my local church because of my presumed sexuality. The funny thing is, (funny ironic, not funny haha) is that after 20 years away, it is this church of my youth that I chose to return to as an ordained minister.

It should not be a surprise to you then that the kind of minister I strive to be is the same kind of person that I strive to be…an open-minded person who has spent his professional life trying to forge new relationships across human constructed barriers of difference. To create a worshipful space where everyone is welcome and no one is judged. Where we can grow through our diversity and not allow it to lock us down into battle.

Undoubtedly, religion has been the harbinger of hatred and exclusion for far too long. However, I truly believe that one on one, person to person, face to face, religion can also be a field in which joy and compassion are shared as well.

I believe that begins right here and right now…within each of us.

Won’t you join me for the ride?

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